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Turn back the clock to the time when Ancient Egypt held all its’ former glory, from jewel-encrusted mummies to the royal sceptre all the way through to the golden scarab and dancing cobras, the Throne of Egypt Slot Machine has it all and more.

This 5-reel, 25 pay-line slot is packed to the brim with Egyptian artefacts and references and boasts free spins, wild symbols, scatters and more. Following the success of the Cleopatra slot, Throne of Egypt was never going to be a unique game, as there have been so many different Egyptian ones before it, but it certainly is a good one and well worth having a few spins on.


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Bonus Rounds

There are actually two sets of bonuses to trigger in the Throne of Egypt Slot, from free spins to a custom game that takes you through various different crypts and tombs on a quest to reach the Mummy’s tomb.

The first bonus is activated when you get a Cobra Lantern symbol on both the first and last reels. This begins with 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier and can be re-triggered if you are lucky enough to get them again within the bonus round.

The second bonus begins should you achieve 3 Scatter symbols on the middle three reels, and this takes you through the aforementioned maze, showering you with riches along the way. First find yourself in a room with 12 scarabs on the wall and pick them at random until you find either the hidden key to progress or a collect sign. Make it through this room and take your choice of three eagles in an effort to find the second hidden key and make it all the way to the final room – should you not find it, your game will end early and you will be paid out all the accrued winnings you have got so far. However, if you do manage to find the second key, you will reach the three Mummy Princesses with hidden multipliers behind them. Make it to this round of the Throne of Egypt Slot and you can expect a very nice ‘big win’.

All in all, the Throne of Egypt Slot Machine delivers exactly what it promises – an exciting trip back to the times where folklore and ancient dynasties scriptures have described in detail – the regal and mesmerising Ancient Egyptian world. With its’ touch of animation and huge payouts, not to mention its’ multiple bonus rounds to appease you, it’s well worth a try. So if you fancy having a gamble, feel free to check out some of the options we have listed above – chosen by us for their reliable payouts, honest customer support and of course – because they all have the Throne of Egypt Slot to play. Enjoy!

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